Three Coats Plus One DVD/Joseph: Trajectory of Faith Book – Combo Set

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“Three Coats Plus One” DVD Description:

Joseph, in his life, wore the coats of his trade. The coat of many colors, early in his life, represented human affection or sentimentality. The second coat was the coat of human authority earned while he was in the service of Potiphar. Finally, there was the coat of divine revelation given to Joseph by God; Joseph wore the coat of divine revelation while in Pharaoh’s court, as he met the food-needs of his adopted nation. This is a message of faith and hope preached by Lester Sumrall in a brand new full gospel church 5,000 miles inside the former Soviet Union in Siberia. The city of Abakan is the setting for this message in both the Russian and English languages. (Duration: Approx. 50 minutes) 

“Joseph: Trajectory of Faith” Book Description:

This book by Dr. Lester Sumrall traces Joseph’s life as revealed in Scripture and uses him as an example of someone who finished his course through faith. Between the beginning of your spiritual life and your end, the devil does everything he can to keep you off God’s target. We can begin strong, but end in failure. We must begin and end in strength. (Soft Cover, Mass Market Slim-line, 63 Pages)