The Covenants Of God – Teaching Series


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In the ancient world, covenant-making was common. The strength of covenants depends on those who make them. God’s covenants are powerful because He is eternal and almighty and One who cannot lie. Study with Dr. Lester Sumrall as he deepens our understanding of God’s covenants with mankind.

Titles include:

  • What Is a Covenant?, Part 1
  • The Edenic Covenant
  • The Adamic Covenant
  • The Noahic Covennat
  • The Abrahamic Covenant
  • The Healing Covenant
  • The Mosaic Covenant
  • The Blood Covenant
  • The New Covenant

(Study Guide-70 pages; CD Set-7 CDs, 14 Lessons; DVD Set-4 DVDs, 14 Lessons)