Who Was At The Cross? – DVD


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Lester Sumrall gave this powerful illustrated message in September 1991. Through an interpreter, it was preached during a great three-day crusade in Leningrad, Russia, just two weeks after the collapse of Communism.

Who Was at the Cross? is a dynamic message on the significance of the crucifixion. The crowd surrounding the Cross had to make a choice—was Jesus Christ really the Son of God, as He claimed,
or wasn’t He?

Those who came to the great crusade saw blind eyes opened and the paralyzed rise up and walk. It was the Resurrected power of Christ in action!

We all must make a choice at the cross on which Jesus died. Our choice determines our destiny: will we choose eternal life or eternal death?

A Russian woman confessed, “We have not believed, but what we have has not worked. We must believe in God. He is our only hope.”

(1 DVD Video, Duration: 58:30)