So…You’re Born Again! – pack of 35 Tracts


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This is a tract for leading people to Christ. Sections and headings in this tract Include:

Part One:

  1. You Need to Be Born Again!
  2. You Cannot Save Yourself!
  3. Jesus Has Already Provided Your Salvation…And Your Eternal Life!
  4. Jesus Will Enable You to Overcome Temptation…And to Resist the Devil!
  5. When Is the Best Time to Become Born Again? Now!

Part Two:

  1. Believe!
  2. Repent! …And Turn From Your Sins!
  3. Confess Your Sins to Jesus!
  4. Confess Jesus Before Men!

Part Three:

  1. You Should Receive Water Baptism
  2. You Can Receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit!

Part Four:

  1. Remember, These Promises Are from the Bible: