Faith Can Change Your World – DVDs


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Faith provides a source of energy greater than any human can exert. Faith, such as the prophet Elijah had, sealed the heavens from providing moisture for three and one-half years; then prayer in seven bursts of strength brought instant and abundant rain to a famine-stricken land. The faith that Moses possessed caused the Red Sea to part with the sweep of his hand; with a word, the sea formed a wide path so that more than two million people could cross dry shod. Faith, truly, can change the world. Understand more fully this source of available energy as you study with Lester Sumrall. (22 Lessons – 6 DVDs)

Lesson titles include:

  • Faith to Change the World, Part 1
  • The Eternal Quest, Part 1
  • The Two Elements of Faith
  • Faith As a Fruit of the Spirit
  • Faith As a Sign Gift
  • Faith Is an Excellent Sacrifice
  • Faith Is Walking with God
  • Faith Is a Work
  • Faith Is a Pilgrimage
  • Faith Is a Choice
  • The Faith Galaxy of Blood, Sweat & Tears
  • Faith Has a Cloud of Witnesses
  • Thirteen Things Jesus Said about Faith
  • Ten Things Paul Said about Faith