Wealthy And Wise: The Truth About Stewardship – book by Dr. Harold P. Hazen


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Are you wealthy? You don’t have to be a millionaire to be considered rich in God’s eyes. If you are healthy, have clean clothes, good food, and a safe place to live you are probably better off than 99% of the world’s population. God does not look upon how much you have; rather, it’s how wisely you manage it that matters. Study with Dr. Hazen as he brings insights from his many years of ministering in the area of stewardship, and learn how to be “Wealthy and Wise.”

(Soft Cover, Trade Paper – 132 Pages)

(Harold Hazen has broad experience and understanding of Christian stewardship as a pastor, consultant and executive in higher education. He most recently has served as Chief Development Officer for Family Broadcasting Corporation, educating thousands on charitable estate and retirement planning through his World Harvest Television segment “Prosperity Matters.”)