Prosperity Matters – book by Dr. Harold P. Hazen


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God wants us to prosper. He desires that we enjoy the feeling of peace and contentment of a prosperous life. Well over 2,000 verses of the Bible deal with wealth, finances, and money, but many others more deeply instruct us in being prosperous in body and soul. Dr. Hazen summarizes his almost 40 years of ministry, biblical study, and his thousands of personal interviews with Christians who define themselves as “biblically prosperous,” into 52 in-depth lessons which are divided into four annual quarters. Prosperity Matters is ideally suited for small group Bible study, Sunday School classes, or at-home individual and family discussion.

(Soft Cover, Trade Paper – 228 Pages)

(Harold Hazen has broad experience and understanding of Christian stewardship as a pastor, consultant and executive in higher education. He most recently has served as Chief Development Officer for Family Broadcasting Corporation, educating thousands on charitable estate and retirement planning through his World Harvest Television segment “Prosperity Matters.”)