Goodbye, My Love: Your Final Love Letter – book by Dr. Harold P. Hazen


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“Goodbye, My Love: Your Final Love Letter” is about planning a Christian’s will. When Phronsie, my wife of 28 years and friend of 40 years, won her battle with ovarian cancer and went Home to be with her Lord Jesus Christ, she left me a love letter, a well prepared Will which protected me from the incredible nightmare which occurs when we die intestate, i.e. without a valid will. During my grief I did not have to deal with oppressive financial decisions or probate courts and the morass of State regulations and laws. Most emphatically, by having an up-to-date Will and last “Testimony,” she declared for all the world to see and hear, “Goodbye, my love!”

(Soft Cover, Trade Paper – 124 Pages)

(Harold Hazen has broad experience and understanding of Christian stewardship as a pastor, consultant and executive in higher education. He most recently has served as Chief Development Officer for Family Broadcasting Corporation, educating thousands on charitable estate and retirement planning through his World Harvest Television segment “Prosperity Matters.”)