Adventuring With Christ – Book


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This is Dr. Sumrall’s personal account, originally printed in 1938, of his incredible first worldwide venture with Christ! Read the stories about God’s miraculous hand in the Orient, Siberia, Nazi-dominated Europe and other amazing locations.

His adventure began in 1930 when God planted the seed for ministry in Lester Sumrall as a young man racked with pain from Tuberculosis. As he was pronounced all but dead by the doctors, God gave him the choice: preach and live or reject God and die. He accepted the call to reach millions for Christ and lived another 66 years sharing the Gospel almost every day.

Although Dr. Sumrall has gone to his reward in heaven, his ministry lives on, reaching into the nations of the world through television, Bible distribution, international shortwave and more.

(Hard Cover, Trade Paper – 162 Pages)