A World Of Hurt – book by Dr. Harold P. Hazen


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This work by Dr. Harold Hazen consists of 250 biblically-based commentaries about the calling of Christians to respond to the hurting needs of the impoverished millions in the world.

“Each commentary and reflection contained herein will provoke you to live beyond yourself, making a mark for Christ on earth that cannot be erased. A World of Hurt bristles with the brave energy needed to awaken the Church to reach farther, broader and deeper into the world of hurting humanity that surrounds us.”  – Stefan Radelich, President of LeSEA Global Feed The Hungry

(Soft Cover, Trade Paper – 270 Pages)

(Harold Hazen has broad experience and understanding of Christian stewardship as a pastor, consultant and executive in higher education. He most recently has served as Chief Development Officer for Family Broadcasting Corporation, educating thousands on charitable estate and retirement planning through his World Harvest Television segment “Prosperity Matters.”)