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In order to equip the body of Christ, Dr. Lester Sumrall wrote hundreds of books and syllabi now available through LeSEA Broadcasting's LeSEA Publishing. Our products will equip you with the tools you need in your spiritual walk.

Dr. Sumrall covered a wide range of topics with helpful insight to life's difficult questions through Scripture. His vast wealth of topics in his writings range from the basics of Christianity - salvation, faith, healing, love, the miracles of Jesus and the Holy Spirit- to the more complicated and sometimes controversial topics of demons, deliverance, the dispensations, prosperity and immortality. With hundreds of topics and Dr. Sumrall's conviction for the truth, his works continue to be relevant for every generation.

LeSEA Publishing offers an array of formats of Dr. Sumrall's teachings as well as other great men of faith. In this website you will find books, in depth study guides, audio tapes, CDs, VHS and DVDs.